Jody Whitesides

Composer / Singer / Songwriter / Producer

Jody Whitesides's versatility as a recording artist and performer are clearly demonstrated by his hit songs on his Practical Insanity album, including the groovy "Closer To Ourselves," his unique twist on alternative rock with "Tabloid Affair," his soulful blues-rock track, "Days of Our Lives," and his dreamy love song, "Falling In."

In videogames, Whitesides's guitar work has been featured in EA's Tiger Woods and Rugby titles, and in film, his voice and performance can be heard in "Live Like I'm Rich" from Material Girls and "Happy When I'm With You" from the movie Lucky. His music  can also be heard all around the world on one of the biggest international podcasts, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, a children-oriented show that adults can also enjoy which has been at the top of the charts on iTunes and is featured in Tivo's menu screens.

He's also teamed up with Robert Navarro, a close friend from music school, on the Butterfinger's Buzz campaign, a loop library CD for Big Fish Audio, and on a project titled Ubër Angst where Whitesides got his hands dirty co-writing, co-producing, and mixing the entire project. It gained critical acclaim for Boosey & Hawkes, garnering an award at the ProMax convention within weeks of release. Kicking off 2010, Jody created music for Universal's Burn Library and went on to create the Dancin Deer Audio music library, a music library that aims to treat composers with dignity.