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Jeremy Soule & Julian Soule

Composers / songwriters / producers

Jeremy Soule & Julian Soule

Composers / Songwriters / Producers

With over 17 years in the videogame industry and a lifetime passion for symphonic music, Jeremy Soule has come a long way.  Starting out at what today is known as Square Enix at the young age of 19, Jeremy Soule has made a name for himself with his versatility, dedication to projects both large and small, and for his ability to create a full and convincing orchestral sound with his proprietary sample database that is indistinguishable from the real thing.  Critics and fans have hailed his sample-based and live orchestral scores recorded with the London Philharmonia, Northwest Sinfonia, and Prague Philharmonic orchestras as some of the best that the videogame industry has to offer, rivaling the quality of many orchestral film scores.

Jeremy & Julian’s dozens of scores have encompassed a variety of genres from high fantasy with their award-winning The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Icewind Dale soundtracks to his elegant and futuristic work on Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  Their family friendly Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets soundtrack earned them their first BAFTA award, and their playful Rugrats, Lemony Snicket and the Series of Unfortunate Events, and zOMG!! soundtracks attest to their ability to score a wide range of projects.  They also delved into the horrors of war with their Socom: The Navy Seals, Company of Heroes, and Order of War soundtracks, and explored ethnic Asian music with Guild Wars Faction.

In addition to composing, the Soule brothers have championed the distribution of both videogame and classical music with the creation of DirectSong, an online digital music storefront that offers many of their videogame scores alongside a rich catalogue of classical music.  They have also been an avid proponent of videogame music as an art through their support of the Play: A Videogame Symphony world tour which has performed Soule's music from The Elder Scrolls and Prey along with many of the most recognizable videogame soundtracks in front of thousands of fans throughout North America, Europe and Australia.